Enough Already! 15 Things About digital colony We’re Tired of Hearing


There is a lot of attention focused on how robots and automation affect the world around us. While we can’t deny that technology has made the world more beautiful, how we use it has also been a big focus.

Of all the types of robots, autonomous robots are probably the ones whose impact is the most dramatic.

As robots become more common in our lives, we’re increasingly being asked to sacrifice on the altar of the “perfect” robot. We’re asked to abandon our free will and embrace the robotic world as a natural extension of our own. In our quest to be “perfect” our society, some have developed a new definition of perfection.

This is the definition, as described by the late British cyber-architect, Sir Robin Carver, of a “digital colony.” A digital colony is simply a place where everyone can live, work, and play, where the only limits are those imposed by the robots and the algorithms that run them.

The idea behind a digital colony seems simple enough to understand. The idea behind a digital colony is that humans are not to be the sole arbiters of their own destiny. As we can see, we’re the masters of our own destinies, but the robots and algorithms that run the world do not. In our quest to be perfected, we have to accept that we will never be perfect.

We live in a world where the machines and algorithms run our lives. When we make decisions, they make better decisions. When we fail to do something as simple as our laundry, the robots and algorithms will do it for us. When we fail to do as well as we thought we could, the robots and algorithms will do it for us. It is not our fault. It is their fault.

But it is our fault too. We are the ones who created this problem instead of trying to fix it. We are the ones who allowed it to happen.

The robots and algorithms are everywhere in our lives and we’re all playing their games. We are the ones who need to learn to stop it.

The digital colony is the perfect metaphor for the new self-awareness that’s beginning to arise in the human race. The self-awareness that the robots were too lazy to create, the self-awareness that makes them so powerful, and the self-awareness that makes us too stupid to stop them. And that’s on us. We should not be too self-aware, but the rest is up to us.

This is the new self-awareness that we need to begin to awaken. And we are going to do this one thing, and we have the power, because as long as this self-awareness isn’t our own, we will lose. The Digital Colony project is a way to awaken this self-awareness. And you, a digital colony, have a choice to make.

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