digital heat fx i550


Digital Heat FX I550 is a heat-resistant, shock-resistant, anti-fatigue coating that provides superior durability. Its unique dual-layer structure is designed to protect exterior components in harsh environments, while the high-gloss surface and heat-resistant finish provide exceptional protection in high-temperature applications.

What is most important about Digital Heat FX I550 is that it’s one of the only two coatings on the market that can actually be applied over your existing paint. The other is just on top of the existing paint and it’s incredibly thin.

One of the more popular coatings that the company uses is called “Dual-Layer”. This is what they call it because they’re trying to blend together two layers into one. It looks good, but it doesn’t provide much protection.

Dual-Layer is a common brand that many other companies use for their protection in high-temperature applications. The problem with this one is that you can get it on your existing paint and you can get it on your existing seal coat, but you cant get it on your new paint. Thats why they offer a hybrid, which is a coating that combines the two types of protection, but they call their version Dual-Layer Hybrid.

Even if you dont need to protect your new paint, the Hybrid is a great protection for your existing paint. To get it on your new paint you have to use the same type of spray equipment that you use on the old paint. It just takes a little more work.

Basically the Hybrid’s Dual Layer is a good idea because it provides better water resistance than a seal coat. The Hybrid’s spray equipment is still just as good. After getting the new spray equipment, you still have to use the same type of spray equipment you used to use to protect your old seal coat. It’s just that now you have to do a little more work to protect your new seal coat.

This is a great suggestion. I am not sure how much I’d actually pay for that but it’s worth a mention. Some people swear by the spray equipment that comes with the paint and while others swear by the spray equipment just like the new ones, it’s the Hybrids that get my vote. It’s a good product that I’ll definitely be using in the future.

The Hybrids are a product from the German company HEW. I’ve been using the spray equipment for a while now and this particular Hybrids that comes with the spray paint is the best that I’ve personally used. It goes so far as to spray clear coat on top of color coat and makes sure that the color coat is as opaque as possible. The Hybrids are actually pretty heavy-duty and are well built.

For a product that’s as good as it is, the Hybrids are not cheap, either. They’ll set you back at least $200 for the basic version, but the “Ultimate” version of the Hybrids starts at $300.

I’ve been using the Hybrids for about two years now and I’m glad to report that I’m a pretty frequent user. I’m not usually the type of guy who cares about his spray equipment, but I do like my Hybrids because they’re really quiet. I can’t say I’ve ever had any problems with them.

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