The Evolution of what is digital lead investing


Digital lead investing is a way to invest in your business by bringing in leads from your customers, prospects, or employees through some sort of digital platform.

It’s a more direct approach to getting customers and leads. In other words, you’re not trying to build an entire funnel of leads through a list of products, services, and companies you work with. You’re doing it through your own website. The website itself is the lead-gen machine, so to speak.

So if you do business with your friends, then you’ve probably done digital lead investing already. You’ve probably purchased leads on a lead gen platform like Constant Contact or Facebook’s Lead Gen. But you can do digital lead investing from your own website too. With so many leads already out there, it makes sense to go after your own customers, prospects, and employees with the same digital platform that you are selling them.

Lead gen platforms are a very popular way to engage customers or prospects, but they also tend to be a little too “social” for some people. They often get into a competition with each other for a particular customer, and you can easily end up with a bunch of competition-fueled marketing campaigns that end up looking a lot like each other.

This problem is what digital lead investing is intended to fix. It’s about bringing real human interaction into the digital world, through conversation and sales of digital assets. It’s not just about the sale of your product. It’s not just about the sale of your online business. It’s about the sale of your time and energy. It’s about the sale of your network and the people you surround yourself with.

Digital lead investing is all about getting your customers to talk to each other and to your network. It’s about asking your customers to do things that they would not have done had they not already done them in the past. And it’s about asking your network to do things that it would not have done if the current customer had not already done them. It’s about building trust. It’s about creating a value that is not just a marketing gimmick anymore.

The idea is to make your customers feel like they are part of a network, whether that is in person, digitally, or both. One way to do this is to build a relationship with your network. If you have a network of friends and family, then you can ask them to help you with something together, and the more you do this the more people you have to ask. This is not always about buying services from your network, but can be about helping them out.

This is one of the key reasons why I love digital lead investing – I buy into the idea that I can buy someone’s business because I do know that person personally. When I buy something, I want my money to go to the person who I know will use it. That’s why it’s not enough to know someone, you also have to know their business.

While I’m not sure if digital lead investing is the right term for the idea, digital lead investing is the practice of buying leads for use in businesses. And yes, this is something I do. We have a team of people that are all invested in LeadVest, one of the most popular digital lead investing platforms. As we grow our business I try to buy some of the leads we have and invest in some other leads that I get through other means.

LeadVest is one of those platforms that is really a web-based marketplace. You just go to their website, select the company you want to invest in, and type in your company’s name and a few more details about what you need. It’s an affiliate website, but they don’t sell you anything, they just sell the leads you buy.

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