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 Modern life passes in social networks today. We talk there way more often rather than with real people. Whether it is good or bad, we think scientists can answer it. Though, the decision on buying a new device won’t be influenced. Devices changed our life. We can do multiple things by clicking on smartphones or laptops. We can find anything we want or visit any desired places. You can gamble at https://22bet.ug/slots and not visit the real casinos in Macau or Las Vegas. Our IT specialists keep trying to create more and more popular social networks. One of them is BeReal. 

      Launched in 2019, BeReal has now surpassed 28 million downloads and is especially popular in 2022. In contrast to Instagram, the new social network shows people as real without filters and retouching. More than 21 million users from different countries post photos from their real lives every month.

     We also downloaded BeReal and tell you what is special about it, why it is compared to Instagram, and how it can be useful for ordinary users and marketers.

About BeReal

        BeReal is a photo-sharing app, much like Instagram. Though, it is with a focus on sincerity. The idea is to abandon processed images and share only real moments of your life. The creators of the social network claim that this is a new unique way for users to find out what their friends really are in everyday life.

    Every day at a random time, BeReal sends all users a push notification at once with the text “Time to be real”. After that, they have two minutes to take a photo and post it on the social network. Moreover, the application simultaneously takes two pictures. One on the main camera and another one on the front and publishes them as a single frame that cannot be edited. The photo that turned out on the front camera is visible only when published, so even an advantageous pose cannot be found.

     If the user does not publish his photo, he will not be able to view others. The feed is reset daily. It cannot be scrolled endlessly, as in similar social networks.

Who Is Downloading? 

       The social network app is available for both iOS and Android. Both versions can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

     After downloading BeReal, the user is prompted to add their phone number, name, and age. Then you need to come up with a nickname and password to use the application. At this point, BeReal will offer to create your first post so that you can view other users’ photos. The photo can also be shared on Instagram.

     Along with classic emojis and comments, you can respond to friends’ posts with selfies. BeReal’s audience is mostly zoomers and millennials who are tired of the trend for perfection in popular social networks. The new application positions itself as a fundamentally new platform with the opposite message. Therefore, it has become so popular in the wake of the movement towards naturalness.

      The main competitor and antagonist of BeReal is Instagram. The team of the new social network hints at this in their promo videos. Instagram has been accused of being toxic a lot. The social network made 32% of teenage girls feel worse about their appearance. There are cases when the use of Instagram did lead to depression. The thing is that only the best, well-retouched photos without flaws are used to upload to the social network. Seeing only this: only ideal people and their interesting life, users begin to consider themselves less attractive and successful.

      In contrast, it seems that BeReal, on the contrary, will return people’s self-confidence and understanding that absolutely everything is imperfect because the invitation to take a picture catches users in a variety of places and situations. But it’s not so clear.

Can Marketing Work With It As Well?

       The BeReal concept, which encourages a culture of naturalness and sincerity, does not fit well with modern advertising methods. Because of this, social networks seem to be not the most suitable tool for marketers. However, some brands still use BeReal for promotion.

       People love to see what’s going on behind the scenes, so posting behind-the-scenes shots is a good marketing idea. You can share photos from meetings and events or shots from the daily life of employees. So customers will see that behind the brand is not just a business, but real people. Consumer loyalty will be guaranteed.

      Community building is an important element of the social experience for young users. So, almost 65% of zoomers feel more confident in community-oriented social networks. Among such platforms are the popular Discord and Twitch. In BeReal, you can create an online community based on the principles of naturalness and openness. It is important to first of all focus on the interests of users and offer not digital products, but those that show the value of the experience that exists outside of online.

      BeReal is a social network that was created a few years ago. But it became especially popular in 2022 against the backdrop of young people’s desire for naturalness.

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