Metaverse and P2E: Are They Sustainable?


It’s a well-known fact that many blockchains can’t provide sustainability. Many are, in fact, far from being fully free, fair, transparent, well decentralized, and often environmentally friendly. 

However, progress is progress, and the sphere of crypto games, or P2E, is being reformed. New and more sustainable versions of blockchain games emerge, changing the industry. So, let us have a look at the brightest examples of these and see if it is true. 

What P2E Games Are Most Sustainable Today?

The Play to Earn mechanism, along with NFTs, is the largest success story in 2021. They allow getting real profit as a result of game activity. This often includes upgrading and training NFT characters or collecting game NFTs as game items and using them further. 

Together with this, one of the biggest P2E purposes is enjoyment from playing. This is a big secret of how most games function. They rely on the desire of new players to continue playing even without getting rewards. The more exciting the playing itself is, the greater engagement they get. 

What makes P2E higher than the traditional model of gaming is that there are no more one-sided relationships. It isn’t only the creators that get benefits while players get only to spend money. If you want an example of a P2E with an exemplary sustainable ecosystem, have a look at Axie Infinity. 

Axie Infinity Game: Crypto Game With Huge Revenue Generating Potential 

The P2E Axie Infinity is based on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 2 currencies in circulation: the AXS token designed to govern the ecosystem and SLP token to reward players. 

To start, one needs to have at least 3 Axies to get the team of these creatures to compete against other users’ teams (or computer algorithm) and win. In this system, there is a flawless process of withdrawing reward tokens and exchanging them for other types of money right away, with the help of instant exchanges. You won’t waste time cooperating with services like to convert crypto to crypto, e.g., TRX to BTC

Another thing making Axie Infinity sustainable is a whole set of experiences intertwined with decentralized economies. In-game assets can be moved between different games, exchanged, or used for staking. Opportunities to buy and sell rare collectibles or valuable NFTs are also limitless. 

Even though the total amount of revenue will always depend on the time one spends, the game ecosystem is smooth. It lets earnings take place effortlessly and doesn’t contain obstacles for users. What is more, Axie Infinity metaverse is known for its items growing in price steadily these days, and the trend doesn’t show signs of stopping. 

Is It Worth It to Start Playing P2E and What Are My Chances? 

There’s no doubt that the world of crypto games is full of contemporary P2E projects that are both profitable and sustainable. Many of them have already become the heart of the niche, with their classical and new ways to earn, receive profits and withdraw them. 

Besides Axie Infinity, you can consider The Sandbox, Illuvium, Silks, and Souls of Nature. There are the fresher ones too, like, Bloktopia, etc. Remember also to devote enough time and energy if you want to expect considerable returns and develop your characters quickly. Meanwhile, exchange services such as LetsExchange are ready to let you get the digital currency you need to convert crypto to fiat, for example, RVN to USD and back. Other popular coins of choice for conversion include DASH, Dogecoin, Tron, ZEC, Bitcoin Cash, and other altcoins and stablecoins.

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