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How to buy truth social media stock?


Donald Trump, the former president, was permanently banned from Facebook and Twitter at the beginning of 2021. He made the decision to create his own platform to re-enter the digital world in order to stay connected. To compete with already-existing social media apps, the Trump Media Technology Group (TMTG) introduced Truth Social in February 2022. As the “Big Tent” platform for America, Truth Social advocates for freedom of expression, open discourse, and nondiscrimination based on political ideology. Try Spotifystorm to grow your Spotify channel and earn money.  However, Truth Social differs from other platforms.  You can buy truth’s social media stock if you want to make money. Let’s try to understand how to buy truth social media stock. 

The story behind Truth Social media 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard something about the former president’s relationship with the social media app and its dramatic breakup. Donald Trump frequently updated his Twitter account both before and after winning the White House. In fact, he once tweeted and retweeted 200 times in one day. The social networking app undoubtedly contributed to Trump’s rise, but it also gave regular people a previously unheard-of window into how a president thinks.

That is, until January 2021, when the Capitol Riots led to the permanent suspension of Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Trump’s statements, according to the social networking site, “are likely to motivate others to repeat the terrible crimes that occurred on January 6, 2021.” In the meantime, Trump claimed on the @POTUS Twitter account that the business was suppressing free speech and advancing a communist agenda. The prospect of “developing our own platform in the near future” was another point he made. After 13 months, Donald Trump’s chance of founding a new social media company has significantly increased. Its release date is February 21, 2022, and it will be called Truth Social.

Truth Social Media Stock: Who Owns It?

The former president Donald Trump launched the social media company Trump Media Technology Group, which is currently in charge of and still owns Truth Social. Devin Nunes is currently in charge of the media company as CEO. Using a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) called Digital World Acquisition Corp., the former president has expressed interest in turning Truth Social into a publicly traded firm (DWAC). Digital World Acquisition Corp, a corporation with a blank check, is looking to generate money before joining forces with the social networking platform. Truth Social would join with DWAC shares instead of going public.

How to Buy Truth Social Media Stock?

Truth Social is not publicly listed as of March 2022; hence the company’s stock is not traded on the stock market, making it impossible to purchase stock in the company. Likewise, Donald Trump has so far decided against publicly listing Trump Media, so stockholders cannot purchase TMTG. But even though direct stock purchases may not be an option, it is still possible to make investments in companies like Trump Media or Truth Social. There are ways to indirectly support the social networking platform launched by former President Donald Trump if you’re confident it’ll be the next big mobile application. The SPAC Digital World Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: DWAC), which is preparing to merge with the social media giant, is open to investments. DWAC shares would change over to Truth Social after the transaction. Truth Social would then turn into a company with a stock that can be purchased and traded just like any other. 


Even in such a crowded market, Truth Social is already making an impact, especially now that Twitter has changed the rules of the game. It will take a lot of effort on the part of Trump Media to distinguish Truth Social as a standout app, and it is uncertain if this is even possible. Those seeking to invest in Trump will have to wait to see if this SPAC agreement truly materializes in light of the recent problems with the merger with DWAC.

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