A shock wave of enthusiasm swept the fashion world when the Prada sunglasses 2022 collection debuted earlier this year. Prada’s trademark logo, the Triangle, has returned! And it’s never looked better than now.

The Devil Wears Prada, as the saying goes, yet some of today’s sexiest male celebs also wear the Italian luxury label – particularly Prada sunglasses. Prada sunglasses have a strong reputation and a heritage of making any guy stand out. They are associated with male elegance, luxury, and the ultimate expression of style.

There are several Prada eyewear lines and designs, but today we will concentrate on the Prada wayfarer sunglasses, which are popular both on the streets and on the red carpet.


Prada reimagined the Triangle as a great, modern symbol of absolute luxury, drawing on its ancient background. The latest bearers of this classic fashion sign are everything from dull:

Oversized modern patterns dominate the collection, establishing a new fashion trend that will linger for years.

Bold lines and various colour subtleties combine to create inventive geometric Prada sunglasses men frames that seem as contemporary and revolutionary as the next Mars probe.

Smooth, marble-like surfaces testify to Prada’s long legacy of luxury and result in sunglasses with no peers.


Of course, Prada did not overlook men’s fashion. In truth, the 2022 Prada sunglasses collection for men is as superb and diverse as ever.

The new black Prada pr 06ys 09q5s0 is in a league of its own, shattering the previous notion of the slim, discrete rectangular Prada sunglasses men frame. Suddenly, the classic accessory became the focal point of the contemporary man’s look.

Consider the pr 04ys 05w731 for a more traditional design. Who can ever compete with Prada’s ability to make such exquisite pieces of art?!

Are you a lover of circular frames? Then the new tortoise pr 05ys 2au1x1 with gradient lenses could be your new favourite sunglass!

Bottom Line

Since 2016, the runways and men’s fashion shows have highlighted green creations from Richard James, Paul Smith, Burberry, Hermes, Berluti, and Craig Green (excuse the pun), so if you’ve picked up the trend and want to inject new life into your classy or casual outfits this summer, consider green clothes and Havana Prada wayfarers. Remember that sunglasses are among those men’s accessories that will never go out of style, so dress up and make a statement this season!

You adore them, we value them, and everyone loves them! Prada did everything, from current square frames to vintage pilot models, from trendy oversize patterns to super-light shades. Do you want to know where to get the most recent collections and the world’s greatest brands? Of course, on SmartBuyGlasses UK!

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