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What is Tribel social media?


Social media is an internet-based channel for communication. Users can communicate, hold discussions, and publish content online via social media platforms. Through online communities and networks, it is possible to share concepts, ideas, and expertise with others thanks to computer-based technology. These social media platforms, however, come with restrictions and regulations.  Besides, it is hard to reach the right audience. Businesses can utilize Tiktokstorm to grow their business. How about a social media platform that allows you to reach targeted audiences more easily? You can use tribal social media to do that. Let’s try to understand what is tribal social media and how it works. 

What is Tribel social media?

Tribel is a social networking program that is extremely similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Users can publish various postings on subjects that interest them and offer their opinions. Similar to this, you can change your topics, view postings about the themes you enjoy, and get the most recent news instead of having to sift through irrelevant content. Tribel has primarily been associated with politics and has been compared to Kanye West’s “Parler” and Donald Trump’s “Truth Social.”

The two apps mentioned, however, seem to favor Republicans and individuals who support the right side. Tribel, though, is more popular among Democrats and others who lean left. The goal of social media is to create a space where there are few to no hateful remarks. We’re a new, bigotry-free social network where kindness and intelligence bloom, according to their Instagram bio.

Specification of Tribel social media

The features of the social networking app Tribel are as follows:

  • It is a community platform that can be customized to connect, engage, and keep customers.
  • Tribel is a group of online exchanges derived from social media.
  • It adds social elements right away.
  • It enables users to develop naturally.
  • Utilize activity data analysis to gain user insights.

Features of Tribel

Tribel’s popularity is rising because

  • The app is self-hosted.
  • Users can tag on Tribel and receive notifications.
  • It provides several search options.
  • Use gamification, AMAs, polls, and incentive systems to boost user involvement.
  • There is interaction with Google Analytics.
  • The user is given space and content labeling.
  • Compliance with regulations is offered.
  • The user is asked for permission.
  • Users of analytics tools can precisely measure and track community performance.

Who owns Tribel social media?

Two pro-Democrat activists who also run the Occupy Democrats news site are the owners of Tribel. The owners of the social media app are Rafael and Omar Rivero. They have established the largest and most engaged network of Democratic voters through their website, Occupy Democrats.

Is it legit? How to use?

To advertise its app and its use, Tribel maintains Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. The software appears to be well-maintained and functions correctly. It appears to have a positive user response because there aren’t many complaints. This program has so far appeared to function without a hitch, although it is still not very well-liked. The app is only known to a small percentage of users. On Facebook, it has 381k followers, which indicates a positive reaction. 

Users can sign in using well-known platforms like Google, Facebook, Slack, and LinkedIn to acquire access. The software must be downloaded from the app store on a smartphone. To sign in and use the app, you must establish an account. Once you have access, you may invite your friends and use the app to post business or memes that will help you interact with others. To network, you can also join groups. It is incredibly easy to use, just like other apps. To access it, you must first create an account.


Hope you have got full idea on how tribal social platform works. People appear to be pleased and praise the professionalism of the Tribel team. Tribel’s innovative strategy guarantees a range of levels of client satisfaction. According to customer feedback, it is a useful platform for building a sense of community and a reliable communication tool.

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